Comment on Sri Aurobindo

Comment on Sri Aurobindo

Aurobindo versus Sri Aurobindo

Aurobindo saw.
Sri Aurobindo became.
Aurobindo — the boldest revolution.
Sri Aurobindo — the quickest evolution.

Aurobindo — “British, out!”
Sri Aurobindo — “World-ignorance, out, out, out!”

Aurobindo — a Cambridge-education-zenith-mind.
Sri Aurobindo — a world-illumination-Soul
And the earth-transformation-Harbinger.

Aurobindo — “Cambridge, you gave me
The vastness-knowledge-light.”
Sri Aurobindo — ”Cambridge, I give you
And the whole world

Aurobindo was
A world-mind-traveller-hunger
Par excellence.
Sri Aurobindo is
A cosmos-heart-lover-feast

Aurobindo came down.
Sri Aurobindo went up
Only to be all-where.

In England, a waking lion.
In Baroda, a watching lion.
In Bengal, a roaring lion.
In Pondicherry, an all-conquering lion.

Within, Aurobindo heard.
Without, Sri Aurobindo sounds.

Aurobindo’s heart
Was a God-dreamer.
Sri Aurobindo’s life
Is a God-giver.

Aurobindo — the perfect definition
Of a God-oneness-seeker.
Sri Aurobindo — the absolute definition
Of God the Supreme.

In Bengal, he was
An India-lover,
And India-server.

In Pondicherry, he became
A God-seer,
And God-distributor.

Aurobindo saw the world.
Sri Aurobindo fought for the world
And so does he still.

His The Life Divine
Is God the man’s

His Savitri
Is man the God’s

Aurobindo accepted humanity’s imperfections
As his own.
God accepted Sri Aurobindo
To claim His Perfection
As his own, very own.

Aurobindo was humanity’s
Sri Aurobindo is Divinity’s

Sri Aurobindo is caught
By both man and God alike —
Man for his transformation;
God for His manifestation.

(Sri Chinmoy, The mind loves the heart, the mind becomes the heart, part 2, Agni Press, 2003)

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We are all leaves, flowers
And fruits
On the different religion-branches
Of the birthless and deathless

(Sri Chinmoy)

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