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The difference between Christ, Ramakrishna and God

Question: How can you differentiate between Christ, Ramakrishna and God if they are all the same in consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not at all necessary to differentiate. They have come at different times, but they are all one. They are all God’s children in different forms. In this incarnation you have a name, and in your previous incarnation you had some other name. Even in this incarnation your mother calls you by one name, your husband by another name, your children by some other name, and perhaps we call you by still another name. But yet you are the same person. The spirit is one, but the forms are different. God is the Universal Spirit, but He is assuming different forms. Christ took a human body, human form. The Buddha has taken, Sri Ramakrishna has taken, Sri Krishna has taken, everybody has taken human form. When a soul enters a body, that soul has to manifest inner divinity. The great spiritual Masters manifested, but still you have not manifested. So in spirit we are all one, but in forms we have become many. In this way there can be a divine game.

(Sri Chinmoy: The Avatars and the Masters)


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We are all leaves, flowers
And fruits
On the different religion-branches
Of the birthless and deathless

(Sri Chinmoy)

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