The quintessence of the Ramayana

The quintessence of the Ramayana

Heaven-Beauty Sri Ramachandra had. Earth-duty Sri Ramachandra was.

He wanted to feed the ignorant night of humanity first, and then transform it into the Wisdom-light of Divinity slowly, steadily, unerringly, divinely and supremely.

Did he succeed? Yes and no. His success was partial. He did feed the ignorance-night of humanity, but he encountered tremendous opposition when he wanted to transform the body-consciousness of unlit, obscure and impure humanity. Alas, he was therefore only a partial success. Needless to say, his divine brother-successors, too, have fared and are faring the same.

Purity’s flood treasured Sri Ramachandra’s earth-heart. Beauty’s life treasured his earth-face. Duty’s love treasured his earth-shoulders. Heaven-concern treasured his world-feeding eyes. God-pride treasured him for his first and bold attempt to manifest God-Light, God-Delight and God-Perfection on earth.

He knew his future. He knew the world-future. He could easily have stayed in Eternity’s Dream-boat sailing toward Immortality’s Shore. But Sri Ramachandra preferred to live in the heart of earth-stage while he was in the body so that he could take humanity’s heavy and imponderable burden on his giant shoulders. He thought that if he had acted otherwise, humanity would have misunderstood him and declared: “O Rama, your vision-realm is a far cry. Stay with us, become one of us, and then make us what you want us to be: God-messengers.”


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We are all leaves, flowers
And fruits
On the different religion-branches
Of the birthless and deathless

(Sri Chinmoy)

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