Questions and answers about Ramana Maharshi

Questions and answers about Sri Ramana Maharshi

Question: What is the significance of a comet?

Sri Chinmoy: When something most precious leaves the earth-consciousness, then a comet will be visible. From the spiritual point of view, when you see a comet, something very significant has taken place on earth. When Sri Ramana Maharshi passed on, everybody saw a comet in the South Indian sky.

(Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy answers, part 9, Agni Press, 1999)

Question: Who am I?

Sri Chinmoy: Ramana Maharshi used to ask his disciples this question. On the inner plane this question is answered by another question: “Who am I not?” On the outer plane we cannot claim anything as our own, but on the inner plane we are Eternity, Infinity and Immortality. So we can say the answer to “Who am I?” is: “Nothing on the outer plane, and everything on the inner plane.”

(Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol.II-3, No. 9, September 27, 1976, Vishma Press, 1976)

Question: Is there a single philosophical reply that will answer all questions?

Sri Chinmoy: If we adopt the approach of Ramana Maharshi, then we can say, “Who am I?” That is the most significant question and at the same time the most significant answer. For me, “Who am I?” is not only the question of questions, it is also the answer of answers. When you ask the great spiritual Masters, “Who am I?” then the question is answered also. Ramana Maharshi’s philosophy was always to ask, “Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?”

“Who am I?” is a question. Again, “Who am I?” is also the answer, because immediately the answer comes, “Who am I not?” The positive and negative always go together. The question is coming as challenging, but inside the question is the answer: Is there anything that I am not? Is there anyone that I am not?

Ultimately, all the questions that philosophy asks can be reduced to “Who am I?” Then the reply comes spontaneously, “Who am I not?” The question and the answer may be found at the same place.

(Sri Chinmoy, Philosophy: wisdom-chariot of the mind, Agni Press, 1999)

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Of the birthless and deathless

(Sri Chinmoy)

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