Story about Ramana Maharshi

Problems in the spiritual world

Problems in the spiritual world

There can be problems in the spiritual world!

Ramana Maharshi had a lady disciple who was married. Ramana Maharshi’s mother suffered so much because that lady used to put food in front of Ramana Maharshi. Ramana Maharshi was in trance; he was not in this world. One day, the mother became angry with her son. She left his place and said that she would not come back. She walked only two hundred metres. Then, what did she see? Her son, in his subtle body, stood in front of her so powerfully. Her son showed his spirituality. Then she knew that Ramana Maharshi was God-realised and she came back to her son. Previously she had scolded and insulted her son, but then she came back. Ramana Maharshi had that problem.

Sri Ramakrishna’s wife used to cook for him for years and years. At one point Sri Ramakrishna decided to examine his wife. Sarada Devi would cook, but he said that the food had to be brought to him by somebody else. Sri Ramakrishna would not allow Sarada Devi to bring him the food. Somebody else would bring him the tray and then Sri Ramakrishna would eat. She suffered so much.

There are so many questions that will remain unanswered. These kinds of problems started with Sri Ramachandra in the days of the Ramayana. How he tortured his wife! He knew that his wife was absolutely pure, pure, but people spoke ill of her. He made all kinds of sacrifices to please and satisfy his subjects. With Sri Ramachandra’s life all this misunderstanding began.

(Sri Chinmoy, I thank You, Agni Press, 2014)



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